Queen of My Kingdom: Ruler of my Love

Queen of My Kingdom


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In the realm of hearts, where a Queen does reign,

There lies a kingdom without disdain.

A sovereign soul, a queen divine,

In the tapestry of love, she does shine.


Behold the queen of my kingdom fair,

With grace unmatched, beyond compare.

Her essence pure, her spirit bright,

Illuminating even the darkest night.


In her eyes, the stars find their home,

Guiding lost souls, no longer to roam.

Her laughter, a melody, sweet and clear,

Dispelling doubts, erasing fear.


With every step, she claims her throne,

A regal presence, all her own.

Her touch, a balm to wounds unseen,

An oasis in a desert, serene.


No crown of gold upon her brow,

Yet she wears love’s halo even now.

Her words, like whispers from the divine,

Inspire greatness, in every line.


Queen of my kingdom, hear my plea,

In your embrace, I find my glee.

With you, I soar to heights unknown,

Together, we build a love, our own.


In your eyes, I see eternity,

A boundless realm of possibility.

With every heartbeat, I proclaim,

You are the queen, in love’s grand dame.


So let us dance beneath the moon’s glow,

And let our love, like rivers, flow.

For in your arms, I find my home,

Forever yours, and yours alone