Essence of Love: Deep Longing

Capturing the Essence of Love


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In whispers of the twilight’s grace,

Where shadows dance in soft embrace,

There lies a tale of longing deep,

Where hearts in silence often weep.


In fields where flowers bloom unseen,

And rivers flow with waters pristine,

Two souls entwined in yearning’s fire,

Bound by love, their one desire.


Through veils of time and distance vast,

Their love endures, unyielding, steadfast,

In dreams they meet when day is done,

Underneath the midnight sun.


The echoes of their fervent plea,

Resound through valleys, across the sea,

For in each other’s arms they find,

The solace of a love divine.


So let the stars their witness bear,

To love so true, so pure, so rare,

In every whispered sigh and breath,

They find the sweetness of love’s depth.


For in the heart’s eternal quest,

Longing and desire find their rest,

In love’s embrace, they stand entire,

Two souls ignited, flames of desire.