From Love To A Bright Luminous Affection


In the cosmic love of souls entwined,

Where love’s pure essence is divined,

Two beings meet, in a radiant glow,

Their hearts ablaze, with passion’s flow.


Behold, the luminous affection they share,

A flame that burns, beyond compare,

In every glance, a universe unfolds,

In every touch, a story untold.


Through trials and triumphs, they stand tall,

For love’s embrace, conquers all,

In the darkest night, they find their way,

Guided by love’s eternal ray.


Oh, how they dance in passion’s embrace,

Two hearts, bound in a sacred chase,

Their laughter echoes, like a melody,

Their love, an eternal symphony.


With every step, they paint the sky,

With hues of love, that never die,

Their journey, a testament to devotion,

Their adoration, an unbreakable ocean.


Upon the canvas of destiny’s design,

They paint a passion, both rare and fine,

With every whispered word, a verse,

Their bond, a blessing, not a curse.


In the garden of affection’s bloom,

They find solace, amidst the gloom,

Their warmth, a beacon in the night,

Guiding them through the darkest plight.


Through valleys low and mountains high,

Their soul, a constant, in the sky,

With every sunrise, a new dawn,

Their existence, an eternal bond.


They hold each other through the storm,

Their heart, a shelter, safe and warm,

In every tear, a sacred vow,

To love each other, here and now.


Their laughter echoes in the breeze,

As they dance beneath the trees,

Their desire, a melody, pure and sweet,

A symphony that none can defeat.


So, let us honor this affection so bright,

That fills the day and rules the night,

For in their union, we find perfection,

In the endless depths of their affection.


let us celebrate this radiant glow,

That from their hearts, does overflow,

For in their story, we find our reflection,

In the luminous affection.