Timeless Love : Whispers of the Sea


In whispers of love, the sea does speak,

Its secrets deep, its mysteries seek.

Upon the shore, where love roam,

It weaves a tale, their hearts to comb.


Each wave that breaks upon the sand,

Carries echoes from a distant land.

A symphony of love, a timeless song,

In every ripple, hearts belong.


With every tide, a bond renewed,

In whispered vows, the lovers elude.

The moon above, a silent guide,

As waves caress, side by side.


In depths unknown, their souls entwine,

Beneath the stars, their love defined.

The sea, a witness to their plea,

As whispers carry, endlessly free.


So let the waves their tale decree,

Of love that spans eternity.

In every crest, in every plea,

Whispers of the sea set lovers free.


From dawn’s first light to twilight’s gleam,

Their love endures, a constant stream.

Through storms that rage and winds that blow,

Their hearts are anchored, come what may, they know.


For in the whispers of the sea,

They find their solace, they find their glee.

In every shell upon the shore,

Their love resounds forevermore.


And as the moon casts its gentle light,

Their silhouettes dance into the night.

Hand in hand, they walk the sand,

Bound by love, they’ll forever stand.


Bathed in the moon’s soft glow so bright,

Their shadows sway in the arms of night.

Side by side, along the shore they roam,

Love’s embrace, their eternal home.


In the murmurs of the ocean deep,

 Their solace lies, their joy to keep.

 Within each shell upon the sand,

 Their love echoes, forever grand.


So let the whispers of the sea,

Guide lovers on their destiny.

In every wave, in every sigh,

Their love will never say goodbye.