The Soft Caress of Love : Velvet Whispers


In the realm where Love dance and play,

Underneath the stars’ enchanting sway,

There exists a love, profound and true,

In hearts where only love can brew.


Like the gentle stroke of velvet’s hand,

Love’s whispers weave a wondrous strand,

Each word a kiss upon the soul,

In the endless depths where love does roll.


In the quiet of the velvet night,

Love’s whispers take their flight,

Each syllable a sacred vow,

In the tender embrace, we do avow.


Oh, how love’s soft whispers caress,

Every inch of our tenderness,

In every breath, in every sigh,

Love’s melody does gently lie.


In the stillness, love does speak,

Through every glance, so soft and meek,

In whispered promises and dreams untold,

Love’s tapestry does gently unfold.


So let us revel in this sweet embrace,

In every whispered word, in every trace,

For in the silence, love does bloom,

In the velvet whispers of our room.


Let us savor each tender sound,

As our hearts in love are bound,

In the quiet of the night,

Let our love take flight.


In whispered vows, let us find,

The solace for our hearts entwined,

For in the whispers of our souls,

Love’s eternal flame forever rolls.


In the hush of the velvet night,

Let our love ignite,

In whispered words, soft and low,

In the language only lovers know.


For in the whispers of our hearts,

True love forever imparts,

A symphony of love, divine,

In the whispers of our time.


Each syllable a tender kiss, 

Each phrase a vow, a cherished bliss, 

Love’s symphony, in whispers sung, 

Echoes through the night, where dreams are spun. 


Like petals falling, in gentle cascade, 

Love’s whispered promises never fade, 

In the silence, two souls entwine, 

Bound by heart’s embrace, divine. 


With fingertips that softly roam, 

They carve their names in soul’s sweet tome, 

In the language of the heart, they speak, 

In whispers soft, yet fierce and meek. 


Oh, how the night holds them close, 

In its velvet arms, where love arose, 

And with every breath, they surrender, 

To the allure of affection’s sweet splendor. 


So let the stars bear witness true, 

To love that’s pure, forever anew, 

For in each whisper, heart’s tale unfurls, 

In the embrace of velvet, our love whirls.